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The process of milk production. Human milk is secreted by the mammary glands, which are located within the fatty tissue of the breast. The hormone oxytocin is produced in response to the birth of a new baby, and it both stimulates uterine contractions and begins the lactation process. For the first few hours of nursing, a special fluid called colostrum is delivered; colostrum is especially high in nutrients, fats, and antibodies, to protect the newborn from infection. Thereafter, the amount of milk produced is controlled primarily by the hormone prolactin, which is produced in response to the length of time the infant nurses at the breast. See also breastfeeding.

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The Lactation Center offers breast-feeding moms:

  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Advice
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Pump Rentals (when available)
  • Free Phone Consultations

Breast-feeding moms receive:

  • Personalized instruction from an internationally board-certified lactation consultant.
  • Information and advice on breast-feeding techniques, nutrition for both mom and baby, how to use breast pumps and many other breastfeeding issues.

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